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Free Open Source Graph Database to Keep You in Control

  • Always Free to Use
  • Built in the Open
  • Created for Public Good

Graph Foundation is Trusted by government and global enterprises

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what is ONgdb?

Fully Open Source and Free to Use Native Graph Database

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    Open Source License

    ONgDB distributions are licensed under AGPLv3 which is a popular copy-left open source license.

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    Native Graph Engine

    ONgDB is a completely free open source alternative to proprietary native graph offerings.

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    Built in the Open

    100% of the source for ONgDB is maintained in public repositories by a not for profit 501(c)3 entity.

Build with ONgDB

Are Proprietary Graph Databases Holding You Back?

Lack of Transparency. Proprietary. Big License Costs.

  • Do you need to meet an open source requirement for software in your stack?
  • Do you want to use a graph engine that does not rely on indexes for traversal?
  • Are you worried about being hit with a big license as your graph project succeeds?
  • Do you require transparency and visibility into the governance of OS code you use?
  • Do you need to build with open source that is maintained by a non-profit entity?
  • Do you want confidence that your open source native graph is enterprise-ready?

how it works

Our Freedoms Agreement

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Download ONgDB

When you download ONgDB, you get access to a high performance, open source native graph database engine.

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Build Your Solution

When you start building with ONgDB, you benefit from the enterprise-ready engine and intuitive query language.

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No Big License

When you complete your solution you will never encounter a mandatory license fee.

our foundation

What Makes Graph Foundation So Different?

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Graph Foundation is a not for profit corporation that does not provide commercial licensing for any graph technology managed and maintained by it. This prevents mis-aligned objectives commonly encountered by for profit corporations that must pursue revenue objectives above all else. Graph Foundation is governed and guided by the graph community in order to provide everyone with fully free and open source graph software. The graph community is a global, diverse and connected group. The Graph Foundation hopes to provide the opportunity for effective coordination, collaboration and unification for the graph community around its most important projects, such as ONgDB. To all the valued members of the community, thank you.

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