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Geequel Shell

Command-Line Geequel Interface for ONgDB

Geequel Shell is a command-line interface for ONgDB that is packaged with ONgDB by default. Geequel Shell is interactive and can also be used for scripting. Using Geequel Shell for scripting is accomplished by launching Geequel Shell via the command line and entering Geequel directly into the command line. An alternative approach for interacting with ONgDB via Geequel Shell is by including Geequel statements in a file that is pipped to Geequel Shell where each statement in the file is executed on ONgDB as a separate transaction. It is important to note that on Windows these interactions do require PowerShell. All Geequel Shell communication with ONgDB occurs via the Bolt protocol.

When to Use Geequel Shell
Geequel Shell provides an opportunity to move those Geequel queries you’ve been using over-and-over to manipulate your graph data via ONgDB Browser to a more repeatable and easy-to-execute Geequel script. By using Geequel Shell, you will be able to avoid constantly changing file paths and looping through the same sequence of favorited scripts one at a time while you manually click the play button in ONgDB Browser and wait for the Geequel query to finish. A few other general examples of times where you could benefit from using Geequel Shell include:

  • Loading Data from Multiple CSVs
  • Migrating Nodes/Edges to New Labels/Types
  • Any Repetitive Geequel Queries that Execute Sequentially

These are only a few examples of scenarios where Geequel Shell can be useful in removing the limitations encountered by needing to run one query at a time like you’ve done previously in ONgDB Browser. Initially, single-line commands are fine, but it does not take very long to outgrow single line commands. In this way Geequel Shell provides a good transition point for you to harden your Geequel queries into a more repeatable process in preparation for a full ONgDB server-based deployment.


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