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ONgDB 1.0.1

(Open Native Graph Database)

Release Date: 8 April 2022

ONgDB 1.0.1 is a maintenance release with many important security fixes

Release Notes | Changelog | Documentation

  • [ONGDB-274] – TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 are no longer supported and expected to fail
  • [ONGDB-276] – Upgrade Shiro to 1.9.0
  • [ONGDB-280] – Remove log4j 1.2.17 to fix critical vulnerability
  • [ONGDB-281] – Upgrade commons-compress to 1.21 to fix high vulnerabilities
  • [ONGDB-283] – Upgrade org.eclipse.jetty version to 9.4.12.v20180830